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Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Borrow Rentals

April 27, 2017

Every time we shoot someone's wedding or attend a bridal show, we have the privilege of meeting and working with other wedding vendors.  Today we are going to share with you our interview with Ann King - Owner and Director of Borrow Vintage + Eclectic Rentals. 

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Ann King and I own Borrow.  I am a wife, mother and lover of all things designed, locally made, up-cycled, repurposed and vintage.

Borrow Vintage + Eclectic is a styling center and custom Furniture, Prop and Decor house that supplies locally made and vintage items for rental and purchase.  We design, build, up-cycle, re-upholster and purchase items that are unique to our rental and retail market.

What wedding décor trends do you see this year?               

There are two sides of the coin here.  On one side of the coin is Color.  Rich beautiful textures and patterns with bold, vibrant colors are seen in floral, linens and furniture.  

On the other side of the coin is the past few seasons main stay: greenery. However greenery is no longer the muted subtle color tones we’ve seen mixed with pastels.  It is becoming deep colored greenery with contrasted light colors, wood, black and white.  Linen and black as an accent color scheme is coming up quite strong and I have to say I’m so excited about that.  It is so classic.  We’re also seeing a lot of mixed styles going on.  Modern mixed with Vintage, Industrial mixed with Romantic, Bohemian mixed with Classic Americana.  These color schemes and styles are being incorporated in curated statement “zones” as we like to call them at Borrow.  Some examples of some hot zones to highlight: seating vignette, bar, head table and dessert display.

Why is décor so important at your wedding?

Decor is one of the best and most awesome ways to tell your story.  Your decor is a reflection of your personal style as a couple.  And your wedding is one of the first times you get to step out and say: “This is who we are.  Welcome.  Let’s have a blast!”  One of the best reasons for hiring a stylist or designer is for them to help you express that in the best possible way and create an event as unique and beautiful as your relationship.

Why should our clients rent from Borrow Rentals rather than your competitors, what sets you apart?

We are so proud here at Borrow to not just be a rental company.  We do not have sales people at Borrow, we have designers and stylists.  All of our people have art and design backgrounds and all of us come at an event with the attitude of how to make it the best, most unique event possible.  We care about the success of the entire event and not just our part in it.  Many of our orders incorporate sub-rentals from multiple companies to create a truly unique experience.  We know product options all over the country and love bringing together all the pieces for tabletop, tables, chairs, china and furniture.  These orders are curated collections by experienced, extremely talented stylists.   

Our product is completely unique in the Cleveland market for three reasons.  

  • Our upholstery is up-cycled.  The upholstery collection is made up of high end vintage pieces we have re-upholstered with the highest quality, stain resistant fabrics chosen by our stylists and many times by our clients themselves.
  • Our wooden tables and bars are made locally with up-cycled materials.  We put money back into the hands of our local craftsman and CLE designers - therefore supporting a creative community we love.  
  • Our bulk chair options are the only two places in the Midwest where you can find these options.  Borrow’s inventory is always made up of firsts; first farm table in Cleveland, first bentwood chair option, first teak wood folding chair, first local designer inventory line and so on!

We love our mission and absolutely love bringing these options and ideas to our clients.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, Ann!  We love Borrow Rentals and are continually impressed while watching the growth of your amazing company!


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