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Why we love being Colorado wedding photographers!

April 17, 2016

Why Colorado? We get asked pretty regularly why we chose Colorado as one of the primary locations that we offer our wedding photography services to. I actually lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my family for about 7 years. I decided to move back into the Cleveland area, and afterJennifer and I got married, the rest is history. We travel there often to visit my family in Colorado Springs, and love the scenery and beautiful sunshine. With my family still in Colorado, the decision to offer our wedding photography there was a no-brainer. If you're in Colorado (any region!) and would like to work with us, we would love to be your Colorado wedding photographers! Contact us on the contact page of our site - we'd love to hear from you! We

love traveling all over for engagement and wedding photography, but Colorado will always have a soft spot in our hearts.  - Shawn


Wedding Photography in Colorado





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