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It's the little things...

February 4, 2016

Incorporating small personal details into your wedding makes it unique and special to you. Whether it’s jewelry, shoes, cufflinks, a hairpiece, or a letter, each item holds a piece of value. Having those photos really embraces the tone and theme of your wedding day. Some of our couple’s favorite photos are the detail shots that are captured throughout their day. They help tell your story.

Details are one of my favorite things to capture. Sometimes the small stuff is overlooked by the centerpieces and the dresses. But the details are the beautiful accent pieces that bring everything together and make it yours. The lace belt you made from your mother’s wedding gown, the letter your spouse wrote you before you walked down the aisle, or the cuff links that were your grandfathers. - These things touch your heart and make you remember what’s important. These are the moments and details that matter.



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