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"Getting Ready" Photos - 4 Reasons Every Bride Needs Them

January 22, 2017

We meet with every bride, roughly one month before their wedding, to discuss a specific timeline for their wedding day photography. This allows us make sure that we are where we need to be, when we need to be there. Obviously, the ultimate decision is to be made by the bride and groom, but we're always happy to provide guidance. One suggestion we always make is the inclusion of "Getting Ready" photos. We realized early on in our careers as wedding photographers that these photos are incredibly important to our brides' wedding day. Why? We have lots of reasons. Here's a few:

Why Brides Should have "Getting Ready" Photos

1. "Loosen Up A Little!"

By the time that the morning of your wedding rolls around, you've likely spent months planning and organizing your wedding. As you've inevitably discovered, there tends to be a lot of stress and possibly frustrations. On the morning of your wedding day, it's entirely possible that you're a bundle of nerves - and understandably so. And now we want to shove cameras into your face and tell you to act natural?? - Forgetaboutit! One of the nice things about getting ready photos is that it allows you to build a comfort in front of the camera before your wedding ceremony. It's that comfort level that will ensure that during the important parts of the day your focus is on the excitement, the beauty, and most importantly, your fiancé!


2.  Capture the Sweet "Behind the Scenes" Photos

Your wedding day is a story. As wedding photographers, our job is to ensure that we capture that story - every aspect of it - flawlessly. Your getting ready photos are a big part of completing that story. The the day dawns and you meet up with your bridesmaids and you spiral into a whirlwind of lifelong memories. Preserve these memories! Make time in your wedding photographer's timeline to capture your getting ready photos.

Get Comfortable in Front of The Camera for Your Wedding Photography

3. The Beautiful, Special Details

One of the best things about having your wedding photographer capture your getting ready photos is allowing them to capture detail shots that we never would've gotten. We've had a bride that chose to combine "something blue" with a favorite memory by pinning a piece of her father's shirt to an inside fold of her wedding dress. Another bride fulfilled her "something borrowed" with a lucky charm, and pinned it to the inside of her dress.  We were able to capture these photos while the bride was getting ready.  And what's most important about this?  ... Keep reading.  

Getting Wedding Photos Capture Special Details

4.  They're Our Bride's Favorite Photos!

 We definitely saved the best for the last.  A few weeks after your wedding, you get the email that you you've been waiting for: YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY IS AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING!!! Your brides are always so excited to see the completed photos - and we love hearing about all of their favorites!  And do you know what one of the most common remarks we get? You guessed it! We get thanked for capturing the details that may have otherwise been missed, and for providing a physical reminder of what will undoubtedly be a lifelong memory. And we LOVE being able to have provided that for them!

 Plan for getting ready photos for your wedding photography!

Are you planning your wedding? Have you finalized your wedding photography timeline? Why not include getting ready photos? There are so many great reasons, and you will, no doubt, find your own!  



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