Best Wedding Photographers in Cleveland, Ohio

Let's start by getting one thing out of the way - do we think that that Moreau & Company Wedding Photography is the best wedding photography service in cleveland? No. There are so many talented photographers in Ohio - to claim to be the best would be ridiculous. However, we strive, in every aspect of your wedding photography experience to be the absolute best at what we do. From the very beginning of your contactwith us, we put forth an extra effort to be as accommodating as possible. We use the questions on our page to make sure that:

  1. We are available on the day of your wedding to provide the photography services you need.
  2. Based on the style of your wedding and your personality, we'd like to make sure that we think we'll "click". We'll be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day.
  3. No one likes to discuss budget - but it's obviously a big part of the wedding planning process. We want to make sure that your budget lines up with our pricing.

We sat down and asked ourselves:

What makes a company the best wedding photographer in Cleveland?

How would you answer that? Here's what we came up with: VALUE! We decided that to become the best wedding photographers in Cleveland, We'd have to offer the best value. To do so, we've designed our wedding photography client experience around that concept.

From day one, we try to put your mind at ease by asking the right questions for you, providing you with all the information you need. From that point we make ourselves readily available to you via email, phone, and text! We even invite you to share your Pinterest boards with us so that we can collaborate on any specific poses you'd like!

As your wedding day approaches, we meet with you to establish a final timeline and details. We'll even help with picking a #hashtag for all your guests to use to organize their photos from your wedding.

At your ceremony we specialize in being "neither seen nor heard". We firmly believe that part of being the best wedding photographer in Cleveland is providing our services without intruding on your day.

Once your reception is over, we will keep you in the loop by posting "sneak peeks" on social media so that you can see some snapshots! We'll send you your completed files as soon we're done editing them. From there you're free to share your photos with all your family and friends!

Once you've reached that step, it's your turn to decide whether or not Moreau & Company really is the best wedding photographer in Cleveland, Ohio!